Candace Cameron Bure struggled with an eating disorder years ago after leaving Hollywood to focus on her husband, NHL player Valeri Bure, and their children.

During a new interview, the Fuller House star opened up about bulimia and how she got through it.

“I knew I had a problem, but again, it’s like being on a runaway train and you wanna get off but you don’t know how to get off,” Bure told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday during the Eating Recovery Center’s first-ever "Eating Recovery Day."

After marrying Valeri in 1996 (the two were introduced by Fuller House star Dave Coulier), Bure welcomed daughter Natasha, now 17, in 1998, and sons Lev, now 16, and Maksim, now 14, in 2000 and 2002, respectively.

“I kind of lost my identity in a sense and what happened was I turned to food for comfort when my husband was traveling and when I was alone,” Bure shared. “I had a very unhealthy relationship with food that turned into bulimia. I dealt with it for several years, but it wasn’t about body image and trying to feel good. It was about trying to find comfort or fill voids within myself.”

Bure ultimately chose to come forward with her struggles to both her pastor and her husband.

"My husband is a professional athlete and such a disciplined person, so I was very nervous to tell him,” she recalled. “But he couldn’t have been more understanding and more supportive, which was such a relief. I know that not everybody has that person in their life.”

Years after her struggles, Bure hopes to set a good example for her three children by teaching them to love their bodies.

“The most important thing for me to teach my children is about health and fitness,” she said. “It’s about taking care of your body and eating foods that are good for you and getting the right exercise that you need.”

For more of Bure's interview with Entertainment Tonight, check out the clip below.