The creator of Downton Abbey is remaining positive about a potential movie based on the series.

The British drama aired its final episode earlier this year and rumor has it that the story might continue in a feature film. In Monday's report from Indiewire, Fellowes mentioned that he'd like to work on a movie although it might come with some challenges.

"I hope there will be a film," he said. "There is an audience for a film. I'd structure a narrative with lots of things happening, but we would need a kind of unity to make a feature, which is a challenge for me. I would like that, I think it would be fun. but there's a time and then everyone's moved on."

As for the way the characters were represented in the final episode, Fellowes opened up on working out that out in a satisfying manner, which is also not an easy process.

"Take the whole death of the family feed, as people graze by the family fridge and don't all sit together," he said. "Somehow the order of our lives has been undermined by the greater freedoms we endorse and enjoy, and in gaining necessary and desirable freedoms we have thrown out too many of the rules. So you get the casual rudeness you encounter now as people push you aside to get a taxi or go into a lift."

Fellowes also has no problem going by the British class system of what can or cannot be said.

"It's more important to be polite if you are the superior in an exchange," he said. "If you're a waiter, it's very difficult to fight back if someone is rude, almost impossible. But if you are rude to some duchess you don't have to worry because she's happy to tell you to p-ss off! A waiter can't do that."