Travis Fimmel News 2016: ‘Vikings’ Actor Admits He’s Gone From Being A Zero To A Hero [VIDEO]

For anyone who has been watching the History Channel's breakout hit Vikings, they'll know that Travis Fimmel is anything but a zero as he plays the God-like Earl Ragnar Lothbrok on the show. Yet, the Australian-born actor says he's recently gone from being a "zero to hero" when it comes to the gaming phenomenon Warcraft.

In a new interview with Britain's Metro, Fimmel says that he was perhaps the last person on the planet to have discovered the popular gaming series.

He said, "I feel like everyone in the world knew about it except for me. More than 100 million people have played it. It's like the biggest game ever."

Fimmel plays Anduin Othar, or the Lion of Azeroth in the new film, which also stars an all-star cast that includes Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster and Paula Patton.

He added, "(Now my knowledge is) extreme level. Rob Kazinsky, the English actor who plays Orgrim, one of the orcs, was once number 10 in the world. He used to play 18 hours a day. He was my little encyclopedia."

Fimmel also says that he didn't mind playing a human or an arc as long as he got to work with Robin Thicke's ex-wife, Paula Patton.

He said, "I don't know. Whoever gets to be with Paula Patton, probably. She looks hot in green. I didn't know I was into green. But now I can't wait to go to Comic Con and hopefully see a few green birds (women) walking around!"

The film is currently in theaters now. Meanwhile, The Vikings returns to the History channel later this year.

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