Debby Ryan is keeping up with her inspirational comments on social media.

On Tuesday, the Disney Channel star took to Twitter to say one of the most important things that every relationship must have. She said that there needs to be respect and it's something that builds character and is the only way something good can turn into love.

Ryan obviously knows a thing or two about respect in relationships especially since she comes from a toxic one. Last year, she opened up in a report from MTV News about a dangerous connection she had with someone and it got to the point where things got out of hand.

"He tried to get involved in every aspect of my public life, my personal life, my friendship, my family, my work life," she said. "Ultimately I realized there was something wrong with the situation. As our relationship continued he would cry, threaten to commit suicide, and it started to become physical- he would grab me, pulling me back into rooms if I tried to leave."

Ryan noted that she and this guy were not romantically involved, but that doesn't change the fact that even friendships can turn into unhealthy situations. Once she finally got out of this, she realized something important that can be beneficial for others who are not sure if their relationship is dangerous or not.

"If you start to dread hanging out with someone, that's a sign this might not be a happy or healthy relationship," Ryan said.

Ryan is known for a number of TV credits, including Jessie, The Suite Life on Deck and 16 Wishes. She was also in a couple episodes of The Mysteries of Laura.

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