It looks like celebrities these days are willing to do anything to grab a headline or two. And that's why people are wondering whether or not Heidi Klum might be acting a tad bit desperate as new photos reveal her frolicking in the sun topless with her boyfriend of two years, Vito Schnabel.

According to the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Heidi and Vito were spotted enjoying the sun and warm weather in Saint Tropez with a group of close friends. That's where the model mother-of-four used the opportunity to strip down to nothing but a pair of bottoms and sunbathe with her much younger boyfriend by her side.


Yet fans seemed hardly impressed as quite a few of them posted comments that included, "Desperate much Heidi? It seems like he's only interested in her whenever the puppies are out," along with, "Why does she keep on doing this knowing that the paparazzi is going to take photos and publish them everywhere. She must love the attention."

One fan also wrote, "What's the big deal? There are a lot of topless, even nude beaches in Europe and if that's the way she lives her life, she should be allowed to do so in peace."

While Heidi is yet to make any comments about the criticism, she often shares flashback photos of her modeling days - along with topless ones - on her social media accounts.

Meanwhile, Heidi has recently mentioned that she has no plans on tying the knot with Vito just yet.