An Instagram user posted this week photos and comments about her connection to Chris Brown, leading many to believe that perhaps the R&B singer has moved on from dating Rihanna.

The user, identified as Elizanelp, posted a photo of the first time she met Brown when he pulled up in a red sports car and asked for her phone number. She captioned the image, "Chris Brown and friend just for my #. Holy s-t. #chrisbrown #LA #whatjusthappened."

A second image posted on the social media website shows the Instagram user at Brown's home. The photo was captioned, "Chris Brown showing us his ar."

Click here to see the images, taken by MediaTakeOut.

Chris Brown's current relationship status with Rihanna is has not been confirmed. Earlier in April he was seen partying at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood flirting with a woman who was not the Stay singer. They were photographed holding hands and sharing a bottle of alcohol. Sources said Brown and his entourage exited the club with a few girls, who all rode in his car.

He may be linked to other women but one of his associates revealed that the Turn Up the Music singer bought Rihanna an expensive bottle of champagne and gifted it to her along with an apologetic note.

"[Chris] told her he was sorry for being a jerk and he gave her a wrapped bottle of Ace of Spades. He gave it to her and was like 'sip on this when you're on tour and need a minute alone. Think of [me] - I love you.'," the source told Hollywood Life.

During an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club Brown talked about his relationship with Rihanna, saying that's he's a "regular guy" with hopes that another man isn't "hitting that."

"But you can't be the jealous boyfriend, I can't be calling her constantly asking what she's doing, so I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens," Brown said.