Taylor Swift is known for writing the ultimate break up songs about her ex-boyfriends, but it looks like she might want to watch her back with this one. There's a new rumor that says her ex Calvin Harris is about to collaborate with Swift's frenemy Kanye West for the ultimate break-up song.

Talk about stirring up some bad blood.

Apparently, Harris is none too happy over the fact that he was not only dumped by Swift over the phone, but that she also managed to move on very quickly with her new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. The pair were spotted getting up close and personal only a week after the chart topper announced her breakup from Harris.

And now the Scottish electronic dance music star might be getting his sweet revenge.

"Before Taylor writes a song about him, Calvin is going to write one first," one source tells Naughty Gossip on Wednesday. "He is going to collaborate with Kanye West and finally tell the truth about Taylor Swift. She is controlling and demanding and does not like to be told no. The image of her being sweet and kind is not the truth and Calvin, through his new song, will tell-all. She can't complain about it because she has done this with almost all her past boyfriends. Now it is her turn to get a taste of the nasty medicine."

So far, neither Harris nor West has made any comments about their collaboration. Stay tuned with Enstars for all the latest updates right here.