It looks like Taylor Swift may not be the innocent little victim she likes to make herself out to be in the media. In fact, it might be quite the opposite as there's a new rumor that suggests that chart topper might have cheated on her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris with her new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston.

To make things even worse (or ironic in Swift's case), is that the singer supposedly dumped Harris over the phone, which is the same way her ex Joe Jonas did to her back in 2008, much to her displeasure.

Sources are saying that Swift and Hiddleston might have started getting rather up close and personal before she pulled the plug on her relationship to Harris, who was supposedly blindsided by the move.

"Calvin was very suspicious that Taylor was cheating during their relationship. He just didn't know with whom," one source tells E! News over the weekend. "He feels like these pictures confirm his suspicions, and it changes everything. He is so angry and feels betrayed. He is convinced that Taylor was cheating with Tom while they were still together."

The insider added, "Calvin was completely faithful to Taylor. He never looked in another direction. He was completely blindsided by this. He is hurt. He is keeping a low profile and focusing on his music and the shows he is doing. He is not seeing anyone and isn't rebounding. He just really wants to be alone," the source adds. "He is still processing everything. He is angry. He never heard of this Tom guy, but if that's her type then so be it."

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