‘Central Intelligence’ Movie News: Tim Griffin Dishes On Action-Comedy, 'Wayward Pines' & 'Aquarius' [EXCLUSIVE]


Tim Griffin made his way into the acting industry with early 90's projects, including Who's the Boss? and Against the Grain. Eventually, he snagged parts in popular blockbusters like Star Trek, The Bourne Supremacy and Iron Man.

Right now, moviegoers can see him alongside Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in the recently released action-comedy Central Intelligence. In the movie (if you haven't seen the trailers), Johnson plays the buffed grown-up version of an overweight high school outcast who meets up with his former big-man-on-campus classmate (Hart) 20 years later, claiming to be a CIA agent and needing his help. Griffin plays a government agent hunting Johnson...and then Hart, with hilarious results.

Enstars got the chance to speak with Griffin about the film as well as his other projects (he appears in both Wayward Pines and Aquarius) and his life outside the camera as well.

Enstars: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are both HUGE pop culture presences right now. What was it like being on set with them?
Tim Griffin: I think they secretly wish to be each other. I think Dwayne Johnson wants to be, like, a rock star level comic and Kevin Hart wants to be an action hero to Dwayne's stature. So they perfectly compliment each other...Those guys both are probably the biggest movie stars in the world right now. They are the busiest people I've ever seen. I could not believe their schedules. I don't even know when these guys slept. It was amazing and just tons of fun.

Can you talk a bit about your character?
I'm teamed up with Amy Ryan who's the head lady in charge and I'm her right hand man, and we are from the CIA. But you actually don't know who's the good guy, who's the bad guy. Kevin Hart accepts a friend request on Facebook and meets his old high school buddy who he remembered as like the biggest loser. He shows up and he is now "The Rock"' and it's one of the funniest pairings because Kevin was the alpha in high school and the tough jock, and now he's working in an accountant's office and kind of feeling sorry for himself. And [he thinks], "I'll have a drink with this guy." Then boom, next thing you know, we show up at his door going, "Have you seen this man?" and hilarity ensues.

You have a lot of action and comedy in your credits. What's it like being in a film that blends both of those categories together?
It's a great standalone action movie that just happens to be hilarious. I think that has a lot to do with [Johnson] and Kevin because they're both innately funny. So this was the perfect opportunity for me. You got to really believe this is the real government operative search coming after you. It was amazing what they let us do.

Switching gears. You play Adam Hassler on Wayward Pines, who JUST made his surprise return after we kind of assumed he was dead last season. Can you comment on his role for season two?
This is a great thing for my character, Adam Hassler...when we last saw him just sort of atone for the sort of Judas betrayal...I basically had ulterior motives. You come to see that I too went to Wayward Pines and am now out in the wilderness on a mission. When I reappear it's bringing some earth shattering information and it is about the Abbeys. I've been out there amongst them surviving and it's really cool because it delves in and takes the story to a whole new level.

You're also on Aquarius, but your character was just briefly introduced at the end of last season. How will you be featured this season?
The perfect window opened up and [the producers] wrote my character into the last scene of the last episode of Season 1 where David Duchovny is getting the medal on his chest and he's having this moment in the sun, then I jump on stage and I shake his hand and say, "I'm Ron Kellaher, I'm with internal affairs and we have a witness that says you're full of s-it." They literally just heated up so this whole season. I am the fly in his ointment. I am a man on a mission to bring him down.

You have a successful career in acting and also have a sideline building houses. How do you balance out acting, house building and having a family?
It's funny because right before I came to do this interview, I was at a construction project waiting for the final inspection. And right from here I'm gonna pick up my daughter...it's astonishing to me, but you just find a way. After doing it for so long, I'm working to have a great team behind me to help me with acting, a team to help me with building. I have a great wife who helps me with everything. I'm just very fortunate that I have a lot of help.

You're known as "the actor who's in everything." Do you think you've earned that status?
I feel kind of like Kevin Bacon. You know that game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? Every job I go out on, I don't even say "nice to meet you" because there's a chance I've worked with you before. But I'm just lucky, I don't know what it is.

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