Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx haven't even confirmed the news that they are dating, yet there's a new rumor that hints the actor might be cheating on her already. Well, depending on what you're definition of cheating is, apparently. The Hollywood star was spotted "holding hands" with a mystery blonde at a hotel in Los Angeles this past week with Holmes no where in site.

According to Star Magazine on Friday, Foxx and the unidentified blonde were spotted chatting up other friends in a hotel hobby. And while they were indeed holding hands in the paparazzi photos, there's no indicating that the blonde was Foxx's date for the night, or if she just wasn't a good friend of the actor's.


Holmes and Foxx have made no comments about their relationship, although they've managed to keep things under the radar even though they were spotted getting up close and personal once back in 2013. It wasn't until recently when former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast mate Claudia Jordan confessed that Foxx told her that he's very "happy" with Holmes these days.

So far, neither Foxx nor Holmes have made any comments about the repot. The actress, who divorced ex-husband Tom Cruise back in 2011, has been spotted sporting a brand new diamond ring on her all important engagement finger, but hasn't said anything about who gave it to her or where it came from. Some sources are even saying that Foxx and Holmes are wearing rings on their engagement fingers just because they are having a fun time "playing games" with the tabloid media.