Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Tonight: 3 Reason Why You Must Update Your OS Now VIDEO]


It has been a full year since Microsoft has announced and offered its latest operating system, Windows 10, to its consumers. Boasting the best of what the tech giant has to offer, Windows 10 had a very attractive feature -- it was completely free, at least for a year. That free offer ends on Friday, with the operating system costing $120 starting July 30.

Of course, Windows 10 had its own fair share of controversies, such as significant compatibility issues and some notable privacy concerns. However, the operating system had already been fine-tuned over the last few months, and at this point, there are really no compelling reasons why you should not upgrade to Windows 10 before the free upgrade period officially ends.

On the other hand, here are some reasons why you should go for the free upgrade now.

You Will End Up with Windows 10, Anyway

Legacy operating systems will eventually stop receiving updates, and after a bit more time, they will cease getting support from Microsoft altogether. Once this happens, you will end up with Windows 10 just the same. The only difference, of course, is that by this time, the operating system will set you back $120 for the Home Edition and a hefty $200 for the Pro Edition.

DirectX 12 is Becoming a Norm

PC games have recently been moving towards the utilization of DirectX 12, a suite of applications that are concerned with the rendering of video and other multimedia content. For a while now, Microsoft has been very open about the notion that DirectX 12 would not be supported in its legacy operating systems. Thus, if you want to keep playing the best PC games the industry has to offer, Windows 10 is really the way to go.

It has Cortana, Edge and Windows Hello

Windows 10 is rife with the newest features the tech giant has to offer, such as the integration of Microsoft's voice assistant, Cortana, and Windows Hello, a facial recognition system which allows you to log in by utilizing your computer's camera. Also, Windows 10 is the only operating system with Microsoft Edge. While it is the spiritual successor to the ill-fated Internet Explorer, Edge is actually one of the lightest, most capable browsers around. 

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