Calvin Harris may have gone through a hard time over the Taylor Swift break-up, but that doesn't mean he can't take a joke.

Last weekend, the DJ was presented with a Future Icon award at Caesars Palace's 50th anniversary gala where a moment took place that could've been very awkward. But instead, Harris found it to be a little funny.

TV personality Howie Mandel presented Harris with the award when he cracked a joke about what the DJ was wearing while using his ex-girlfriend as the punchline.

"That's a nice suit. Who's your tailor?" Mandel said. "See what I did?"

Luckily, Harris managed to smile after hearing this joke and even pointed out that Mandel probably thought of that in advance.

"You got that prepared," he said. "You had that one ready."

Check out the moment below.


Swift reportedly started dating actor Tom Hiddleston just a matter of weeks following her split from Harris. And according to Us Weekly, Hiddleston is the one who "started reaching out" to the singer when he found out she was single.

"He really courted her," a source said. "He liked her and saw an opportunity when she was suddenly single, and he went for it."

Even though it hadn't been too long since she called it quits with her ex, Swift seemed prepared to get back into the dating game.

"She's single, so of course if a cute guy reaches out who she likes, she would talk to him," the insider said. "There really isn't a better way to get over a breakup!"

Things are apparently going pretty well for these two since there's a lot about Hiddleston that Swift seems to like.

"[He] checks off a lot of boxes," the source said. "He's hot, smart, talented, British- everything she's into."