Chris Brown And Karrueche Relationship: Did Seeing Ex Nearly Make Tran Sick? [VIDEO]

To say Karrueche Tran is over her ex, Chris Brown, is an understatement as more comes out about their near run-in earlier this month.

They both went to Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday party last week and new reports have said that while Brown was trying to have a moment with Tran, she was not for it at all.

“Man, Chris wishes things were better with Karrueche, but she hates him,” a source told Hollywood Life just after their near run-in. “He knew she was going to be at Kylie Jenner’s party and that was his incentive to go. He wanted to talk to Karrueche and invite her to get some food when she was ready to leave.”

But that didn’t go nearly as well as Brown reportedly hoped as Tran not only kept her far distance from him, but almost got sick at the idea of having a conversation with Brown.

“Chris saw Karrueche inside (the party) and tried to make his way over to her, but it was a wrap! As soon as Karrueche saw him she almost threw up, and made sure she was far away from him as possible, until she left. Chris knew immediately that he was out of luck. He could tell by the way she looked at him.”

She might have given a similar look to the TMZ cameras when they caught her leaving the venue. She turned up her face when asked about seeing Brown inside.

Check it out.

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