Ranbir Kapoor has commented on the reports that he recently met up with his ex Katrina Kaif at her house.

According to a post from Deccan Chronicle, the Bollywood actor went to Kaif's home where a mutual friend happened to be.

"The mutual friend never expected to see Ranbir there," a source said. "But Katrina did not seem surprised. It looked as though she was expecting him."

Is this news really true though? Kapoor spoke to India Today in Saturday's report and made it clear that this visit to see his former girlfriend is completely false.

"That's absolutely untrue and I feel so sad that a section of media promotes or brainwashes a certain sect of the audience because as much as I would like to meet her, the last time I met her was at the shoot of Jagga Jasoos and I'm going to meet her now on the 10th of September when we restart Jagga Jasoos," Kapoor said. "So, there is nothing true about the fact."

The actor was then asked if there's a chance that he and Kaif might be able to reconcile-- Kapoor apparently refused to answer.

He did open up though on some of the struggles he's gone through with being in certain films and how it all comes with a learning experience. And he still has plenty more opportunities to find something that'll make him proud.

"Failure only teaches you, makes you a better person," he said. "I have a long way to go. I have so much to achieve, so many people to work with and I'm just so raring to go. I'm rejuvenated, I'm refreshed, passionate, eager, ambitious and I have all these films to work on so I'm really excited."