Rio Olympics Update: Is Usain Bolt The Greatest Athlete Of All Time? [VIDEO]

The 2016 Rio Olympics' 200-meter run finals on Friday saw yet another dominating performance by the sport's most decorated runner, Jamaican Olympian, Usain Bolt. Popularly considered as the fastest man alive, the athlete once more showed his prowess on the track, leaving the 200-meter finals' silver and bronze medalist in the dust.

Bolt ultimately ended his run at 19.78 seconds, not his best by any means, but far better than the rest of the competition nonetheless. Considering his performance, the fastest man alive admitted that his body was not what it used to be.

"I ran hard around the turn. On the straight, my body didn't respond. I'm getting old," he said.

Nevertheless, Bolt stated that he hopes his performance over the course of his long and storied career would be enough to grant him a spot alongside the sports history's greatest athletes, such as Pele, Muhammad Ali, and most recently, Michael Phelps.

"I'm waiting until after the Olympics to see if (people) will put me in that bracket, if the fans will put me in that bracket. I am ready and I am waiting to see what (the media) write tomorrow and after that," Bolt said.

While the notion of whether Bolt will ultimately be considered as the best athlete to have ever lived would be up for question, the iconic track and field star is confident that what he has done and accomplished over the years are enough to make him happy and content.

"I have proven to the world that I am the greatest. That is why I came here. That's why it is my last Olympics. I can't do anymore. I make people want to come and watch the sport and be involved in it," he said.

"To be an eight-time gold medalist is shocking but I have worked hard to be the best. I have proven to the world I have done great things. I am happy, Olympic champion again, that's what matters."

As for Olympic fans who usually compare him to swimming superstar Michael Phelps, Bolt believes that his and the American swimmer's accomplishments should not be intersected with each other.

"We do totally different events. You have to leave it up to the mediators and all the press people. (Phelps) has been very dominating, he retired and came back and proved he is still one of the best. I respect him. He has done so much for his sport as well. We are great in our own different fields," Bolt said.

Regardless of whether he would be branded as the greatest athlete to have ever lived by sports history or not, one thing is certain -- present-day Olympic fans should count themselves lucky to have witnessed the career of one of the best track and field athletes of all time. 

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