Patricia Gucci's memoir on her life as a member of the fashion company is getting some positive feedback.

On Thursday, the writer took to Twitter to post some nice comments she's received from reviewers who checked out her book on the secrets and surprises that came from growing up as a Gucci relative.

One reviewer said that her book is "an insightful chronologic family and telling romantic love story."

Someone else called it a "powerful and emotional memoir."

Gucci, herself, spoke to Enstars about her book about her father, Aldo, and how this book is a dedication in his honor.

"It was this dream of mine to write this book as a tribute to my father," Gucci said. "Then of course, it got developed into a back-up book in some ways because I discovered many things about my mother and her relationship with my father and the beautiful love story that occurred with them."

The writer also mentioned that just because she comes from a famous fashion company doesn't mean her life is all glamour and stardom.

"It's another reason why writing this book was a good thing for people to know that even if there's a name or a wealth or you live behind a castle as a royal family or celebrity, everybody's human," she said. "And everybody's tragedies and everybody's joys are the same as everybody else's. This kind of brought a sense of humanity. Of course I was lucky and of course I've been privileged, but there were a lot of things that were not really comfortable for my family to go through and this is something you can see when you read the book."