Taylor Lianne Chandler has more to say ever since her rumored ex-boyfriend made his epic comeback in the Olympics.

Swimmer Michael Phelps has been making headlines with his epic work at the Olympics this year and is proving to be an admirable athlete. But Chandler, who still claims she dated him about two years ago, is also claiming that her life was destroyed ever since the two allegedly got involved.

On Monday, Chandler took to Facebook to say that the public constantly put her down even though she supposedly was on Phelps' side even during his hard times.

"For falling for a liar, standing by my man in rehab and drinking the cool-aid and believing what I was told...what do I get? Shamed! Called a liar! Lose my privacy! Watch my career taken from me! My life threatened! Targeted by stalkers! Told to let it go! Move on! Learn I'm psycho, a stalker, a crazy ex. I'm what was wrong!" Chandler wrote. "Losing all my emotional well being and feeling safe ever again!"

Phelps is engaged to his fiancee Nicole Johnson and they have a baby together. Chandler has made accusations against Phelps saying that he was cheating on her with Johnson.

The woman also made headlines when she announced she was born intersex, which also came with backlash.

"Funny how I was the only person that had good intentions in that love triangle, that didn't lie, that didn't trap, that didn't play the game! The grand prize? My gender used as a weapon!" Chandler wrote. "I want to live in your world where monsters are the greatest Olympians of all times and anyone that threatens that becomes the monsters instead. Never mind, I already do!"

To this day, Phelps has never confirmed nor denied if he and Chandler were in a relationship or not.