Team Breezy and Rihanna Navy are going head-to-head to have their favorite singer, either Chris Brown, or singer Rihanna hit the stage for the halftime show of Super Bowl 2017.

The exes’ fan clubs have gone as far as starting petitions in hopes of having Brown or Rihanna perform for the major event.

As for Brown, fans launched his petition on

“Chris Brown is One of the Most Talented Entertainers in this Generation,” it begins. “Since Chris Brown came out he has been compared to many legendary artist, if you remember chris brown Michael Jackson Tribute on The BET awards you will see The ambition he has to make a Great Halftime Show. People even called Chris Brown a Legendary Artist. I believe chris will be a legend and that’s why he need to make history on the Superbowl!”

It has already gotten 8, 859 signatures as of the time of this article.

Still it’s no secret Brown’s past with Rihanna could put a snag in the possibility of him performing for the half time show. He was convicted of physically assaulting her back in 2009 but he has still faced consequences of it in recent incidents.
Rihanna fans took a different approach and expressed their thoughts on Twitter.

“Let Rihanna do the super bowl halftime or cancel the super bowl halftime,” one wrote.

Another added, “If Rihanna doesn’t perform at the nxt superbowl halftime show football is cancelled”

One made it clear, “yall might as well get ready cause Rihanna doing the SuperBowl too.”

Rihanna was recently named the recipient of this year's Michalel Jackson Video Vanguard award. So she will be doing a set the 2016 MTV VMAs as well.