"Legends of the Hidden Temple" is a movie that will test your wits, agility and strength to win

It was a show in the early 1990's where a group of combatants would go through a custom build gaming arena where they would use their agility, wits, brains, and strengths in order to beat the various challenges given by the temple in order to beat the game.

The game show was stopped in the same decade it was launched in and it left a memory inside the hearts of anyone who saw it to this very day. The action packed reality game show almost made it feel like the combatants were in an actual real life movie. 

Well as luck has it, it will in fact be an actual movie! According to Mstar News, Nickelodeon announced that on the 26th of November it will be releasing an action packed movie with the same name as the TV series: Legends of the Hidden Temple. However, instead of people from all over coming and competing,it will set up a plot in which three siblings stumble onto a hidden temple in efforts to escape a boring jungle tour. Then what they thought would be an exciting discovery will turn out to be a battle between life and death as they try their very hardest to overcome the obstacles given to them by the Temple in order to save their very own lives and to reach the secretive end goal.

The trailer for the movie itself was released a few days back and I personally took a look at it from Cosmic Book News. What surprised me the most was the cast itself. Since Nickelodeon is producing the movie as its own original they are trying to keep it as close to original game show as possible.

In the original game show the combatants were young kids all well under the age of Eighteen and the movie seems to pull that bit off clearly. Another stellar accomplishment is the various obstacles, games, and characters which were true to the game show in the 90's are all present in the movie itself.

At first look the movie does prove to be somewhat of a nostalgic comeback that has yet to fail the fans, however one can only be so sure until unless the movie is released and watched. 

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