2016 iMac Rumors: October Release Date, AiO Desktop To Be Unveiled Alongside Revamped MacBook Pro? [VIDEO]


While the 2016 MacBook Pro might be stealing a lot of headlines lately, the 2016 iMac is yet another device that Apple seems to be gearing up to upgrade. Just like the powerhouse laptop, the 2016 iMac is also rumored to feature massively stronger specs and a few never-before-seen features.

Details about the 2016 iMac have been scarce as of late, with most emerging rumors focusing on the 2016 MacBook Pro instead. However, speculations are high that the 2016 iMac would feature top-of-the-line specs, such as a revamped 5K display and powerful AMD graphics chips.

With this much horsepower, the 2016 iMac would be capable of performing at levels far above what its predecessors are capable of. The new 2016 iMac is also rumored to probably have a redesigned frame, making it far sleeker than it already is now.

As for the release date, Apple is yet to announce a formal invitation for an unveiling event, though rumors are high that the date would be somewhat close to October 26, the day when Microsoft would most likely unveil the Surface All-in-One, the 2016 iMac's most formidable competitor.

One feature from the rumors has been pretty prominent, however, and that is the alleged capability of the 2016 iMac to run virtual reality applications without any problem. If these rumors do prove true, it would serve as a massive step for Apple towards embracing VR technology.

Apple has been late to the VR game, with its competitors such as Samsung, Lenovo and Google all coming up with hardware and software that are created for virtual reality. So far, however, Apple has not yet announced any VR initiative.

The 2016 iMac could, of course, change all that. If Apple does manage to make a device that would include features that were never before seen from a product of the company, the tech giant can reach even new heights.

With the company behind the 2016 iMac being Apple, such a notion is not too farfetched. 

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