Nintendo NX News And Updates: Massive Info Dump Confirms Most Rumors, Console's Reveal To Happen Soon? [VIDEO]


A recent leak from an alleged large retail partner has arguably unveiled the most information about the Nintendo NX to date. The leak, which included everything, from the upcoming device's marketing tagline to the present color scheme of the console's box, was ultimately enough to whet the interest of fans.

The Nintendo NX is arguably the most cryptic device the veteran gaming giant has come up with. Since it was announced, everything about the NX has been unknown, with Nintendo only revealing the console's release date. Thus, any previews of the device have mostly been attributed to leaks from sources who are reported to have some access to the inner workings of Nintendo.

The most recent leak, which was posted on Reddit, reportedly came from one of Nintendo's retail partners. Unlike previously alleged leaks which simply spun rumors and speculations about the device, this recent information dump seems extremely legitimate.

For one, the source of the leak stating that the official poster of the Nintendo NX comes with the tagline "Interact with your game on the go." While rumors of the NX being a hybrid device have been around for a very long time, this appears to be concrete proof that the upcoming Nintendo console would feature a gaming system never seen before.

The leak further stated that the console would include a Super Mario title and that it would launch with at least four games that are exclusive to the console. The base price of the Nintendo NX is also stated to be $299.99 for the base unit, and a $399.00 bundle deal which might include a number of freebies and other perks.

As for the console's packaging, the leak has stated that the Nintendo NX units are currently packed in a blue and white box with the "NX" name. Considering the rather plain box and the fact that the device is still packaged with its code name, numerous Nintendo fans are speculating that the packaging, as well as the blue and white color scheme, is not final as of yet.

Considering the alleged validity of the recent leak, the premise of the Nintendo NX being unveiled sometime before the Holiday Season officially starts has never been so plausible. 

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