Galaxy S8 Rumors: Dual Cameras, Full Redesign, Bezel-Free Display Confirmed? [VIDEO]


With the smartphone maker neck-deep in controversy thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung seems to be betting hard on the firm's next flagship in line, the rumored Galaxy S8. If recent rumors about the device prove accurate, it might be possible for Samsung to bounce back towards market domination come 2017.

A recent report from South Korean publication ET News has suggested that the Galaxy S8 would be a smartphone unlike anything that the company has ever unveiled before. The publication further stated that massive hardware changes would be implemented on the rumored device.

As for the changes, the publication stated that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a completely different frame than its last two predecessors, the Galaxy S6 and S7. This is not very surprising, considering that the S6 and S7's design is nigh-identical and two-years-old.

Thus, for the Galaxy S8, Samsung is allegedly going to use an all all-display surface, ditching the Home button, capacitive screens and even the device's bezels. If Samsung does indeed use this design, the S8 would be the first smartphone of its kind.

A full-screen approach has been rumored for the iPhone's 10th-anniversary iteration as well, with numerous speculations pointing to the removal of the home button and the device's bezels as well.

Apart from an all-screen approach, the Galaxy S8 would also feature a dual-camera system, similar to the one used in the iPhone 7 Plus. Considering Samsung's current cameras on the S7, S7 Edge and the ill-fated Note 7, using a dual camera system with the firm's current image sensors would most likely result in phenomenal smartphone photos.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also rumored to sport a unique processor, a hybrid Snapdragon-Exynos chipset. Doing this might very well result in a powerful device that is capable of dominating the market.

The release date for the Galaxy S8 is still unknown at this point, though speculations are high that the device would be unveiled earlier than usual, possibly around the first quarter of 2017. 

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