Batman, Aquaman celebrate film wrap up

Whether it is a long day at work or an ongoing project, whenever one finishes a difficult task they tend to celebrate. It is only human for humans to feel happy and socialize at certain times. This can clearly be seen between Batman and Aquaman.

Famous actors Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa certainly show their happiness on Instagram. Not only from the pictures, but from the description of the images as well. But what is the reason for this happiness?

Well for starters as Zimbio mentioned, it is mainly due to the fact that after many hard months the cast finally made a wrap on filming the movie. This means that the job is essentially over for the cast members and that the editors will now take over and finish the movie. That being said, no one would miss an opportunity to have some fun with the people they worked so closely with for the last many months.

However, Cinema Blend adds more facts to this picture which does make the entire situation more exciting for both the cast members and us viewers. They mentioned how Justice League will be the first superhero team movie DC will ever make. That is very true.

Considering how there are many movies in the Marvel universe in terms of teams, such as "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the various Avengers movies; it will be a big step for DC to catch up with a team of A-list heroes that establish their own league.

This big step is also a reason to celebrate. After indulging themselves in the lives of their actors and realizing the magnitude of what they are doing, it is only deserving for the actors and directors to get together to celebrate their achievements.

This facade that they created on instagram also added to the excitement the fans are feeling as the days come closer and closer to the release of the movie.

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