X-23: The end of Hugh Jackman and the beginning of a new Wolverine

It is already known by many that there will be a new Wolverine movie coming up. It is also known that it will be called "Logan". But have you wondered why the name would be so personalized?

Logan is the name of the character who disguises himself to be Wolverine. He is one of the most, if not the most iconic character in the X-Men Universe and certainly has a place in the hearts of all Marvel fans. If there is one thing that the X-Men movie-makers follow, it's their time line. 

Each movie they have is related to past movies and it sets plots for new movies. This is why some fans theorize that this upcoming Wolverine movie may be the end of Wolverine. This all has to do with the time line of the film. 

Inverse mentions how Hugh Jackman himself teased the term "old man Logan" which defines an aged wolverine. This is strange considering how Wolverine's healing factor used to mean that he was immortal. This also means that he is weakened and would continue to struggle with Professor X, or Charles Xavier. 

The professor would be becoming more and more unstable by the minute and so old man Logan would need some help Cinema Blend. This is where X-23 comes in. X-23 is a clone of Wolverine made from the same DNA. Made by a writer in an Animated TV show, X-23 became increasingly popular and started making appearances in the comics shortly after.

X-23 could be featured in the movie as a small girl considering that even clones need to grow up slowly. This could also compliment the fact that X-23 and Logan had somewhat of a father-daughter relationship. 

Therefore it can be said that the new Wolverine film could most likely wrap things up on Logan and introduce a new Wolverine style mutant. This theory can also be pushed considering how X-23 share the same features as Logan except that she has 2 claws on her hands rather than the iconic 3.

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