IPhone 8 Rumors, Specification, and Release Date

It was only a mere number of weeks ago when the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus was released. Now of course making a new generation of smart phones is not something one can achieve in a day.

That being said, it is only natural for Apple to start working on the next iPhone 8 right after or even before they launched the iPhone 7. However, certain rumors have been going around which might make the iPhone 8 a really valuable and incredible phone.

The next iPhone is expected to release somewhere around 2017. That much should be known. However, some people are saying that it could be released on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. The first iPhone came out at 2007 and the eight one is coming out ten years later.

What this could mean is that the iPhone 8 could come out with a bang. It could include various new features and it might be "extra special" considering how it is coming out on a very monumental occasion.

So far, according to 3G, the release date could be somewhere near the middle or end of September 2017. As for the price, they are unsure about that but are completely certain it will cost at least as much as the iPhone 7 which's most expensive phone costs around 799 GBP.

One major change to display could most likely be the change in display. Up until now every iPhone used an LCD display. But now they might use the newer and better version of OLED display which has more vivid pictures.

Other possible changes also include the removal of the home button, and using a back glass panel instead of a metal one.

Its core power could include a higher amount of RAM. Apart from that, Tech for Hunt mentions how the new phone may run on iOS 11 considering how it is expected to be released with the phone.

Of course there will be improvements in the camera and features as always. But what is interesting is that the new phone may come with a smart connector such as the one on the iPad Pro. One can also expect to see more wireless functionality considering how Apple is moving towards wireless technology these days.

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