It has been many years since the last Indiana Jones movie, and sadly enough, it will be quite a many years until another one. However, at least one has the outline confirmed.

"Indiana Jones" has been a spectacle of American cinema ever since he started appearing in his own movies from the late 90s. Many famous men have played this iconic character who certainly has quite the unique way of living. 

Lucas Films recently announced a new upcoming "Indiana Jones" movie. As fans rushed in excitement it was soon let back down when it was announced that the movie will be released somewhere in 2019. As of right now that could very well be two to three years from now

Cheat Sheet has an entire list laid out regarding all the information they have on the new upcoming movie and so far the details seem quite juicy. For instance, the biggest reveal so far is that Harrison Ford will be playing as the center of attention for the new movie. 

If that is not enough, some sources also say that George Lucas could very well be involved in the new movie. It seems as if the "Star Wars" franchise will take over the "Indiana Jones" franchise. However, they could be wrong about this one because a recent exclusive on Collider mentions how the writer of the movie says that Lucas is not involved.  

Other things that are for certain in the movie is that in this one, "Indiana Jones" will not die. So this could indicate even further movies and continuation of the franchise. In fact, this is stated as one of the points.

Finally, it is also said that the creative team will be comprised of many members who have worked on previous blockbuster movies. 

As of right now the movie could be released in three years but the excitement has already started to rise.