Brandi Glanville claimed earlier this week that Kim Richards' dog, Kingsley, bit her twice, but now, she appears to be backtracking on her comments.

While chatting with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, Glanville admitted to having a fear of pit bulls and recounted a past experience with her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star's animal, who has been accused of several attacks in recent years. However, on Twitter after the interview, Glanville attempted to downplay the issue.

"[To be] clear, Kim Richards' dog never injured me or broke skin. I'm sure it was just a playful puppy and my fear of pit bulls [was because] of past experiences," she wrote to fans, according to a report by Reality Tea on Thursday.

Reality Tea went on to transcript the exact conversation that took place between Glanville and Kent after Kent revealed that she had gotten a pit bull.

Glanville: I’m afraid of those dogs. They scare the f**k out of me.

Kent: Really?

Glanville: Yes, I might have gotten bit by Kim Richards’ pitbull twice. She was like “go to the corner, go to the corner!” I had to like run to the corner and stand there and hope that..

Kent: YOU had to run to the corner?

Glanville: I HAD to, this dog was gonna kill me. It bit me.

Kent: Did it get put down?

Glanville: It’s on a farm somewhere. It went away.

Kent: It was vicious?

Glanville: Ya.