Tales of Link crosses over with Sword Art Online


Bandai Namco is quite the popular company in terms of Anime these days. They have recently announced how the infamous anime called Sword Art Online is going to come into action inside their very own mobile game.

Sword Art Online started out many years ago as quite the unique idea of an Anime. It basically involved children being sucked into virtual reality games and they had to fight for their lives in the game in order for them to escape the virtual reality and enter their own. 

Tales of Link is the game that is from Bandai Namco and so it does make sense for them to cross over Sword Art Online with the game considering their story lines are both based on games and various kinds of weaponry including Melee. 

Silicon Era mentioned that this even crossover is highly limited and will only last a week. As of right now it has begun and it is going to last until next Monday, the 21st of November. 

The entire crossover is unknown but the basics involve people from the game itself being able to take part in never and unique events. These events, if overcome, will allow the players to obtain highly unique items. These items are similar to the ones in Sword Art Online and will mainly be found in the "Super Rare" gear included within the game.

Sumikai also mentioned how players will be able to challenge one of the main characters of Sword Art Online called Asuna, or The Flash of White. They will also be able to go on quests on the infamous floating castle from the first season of Sword Art Online. 

There will also be daily bonuses by simply logging into the game. For people who are fans of both the anime and the game, this is a dream come true.

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