Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Married: Actress Reveals Career Moves Are Made During ‘Family Meeting’ With Husband [VIDEO]

They have both maintained in the past that they put their family above their careers, and Nicole Kidman seemed to confirm that she and Keith Urban do just that by revealing how the pair make decisions regarding their careers.

In an interview with the Today Show, where she was promoting her latest film, Lion, Kidman revealed that she and Urban always put their family first when it came to deciding potential career moves they would make, and that these decisions are made in family meetings.

"There are times when it gets put out into a family meeting and we all decide whether we can move here for a period of time and mummy can make a film, or daddy can go do this," she said.

She also said that the decisions weren't made solely by she and her husband, and that they also let their two young daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, also have their say in the decision making process.

She even revealead how that process kept her from recently taking her star turn in the play Photograph 51 to New York after success in London, but after her kids and Urban all expressed hope she wouldn't do so, she elected instead to turn down the opportunity.

"It was just whether I was going to do Photograph 51, which was a play I did in London, whether I could take that to New York and do it. Both my kids said 'no' and my husband said 'I hope not.' So there it is," she said.

"That's the life of an actress who also ultimately prioritizes family because that's going to happen at times," she continued. "I would have loved to have done that on Broadway, but I love my kids and my husband far more."

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