Super Mario On Xbox One? Microsoft Partners With Nintendo!

Microsoft planned and reached out to Nintendo because they wanted to bring Super Mario to their very own Xbox One. According to Phil Spencer himself, he admits that Nintendo has perhaps the strongest first-party genre of games out of every organization. 

This is why he really wants to see them on the Xbox One. This is quite the interesting catch as it is always nice to see usual competitors partner up and bring lovable characters across various consoles. Seeing Mario on an Xbox console is something many probably thought of but never really accepted it as reality.

Well, now it is!

Express quoted other things Spencer mentioned. It stated that even Spencer believes the games given to the world by Nintendo have had a special place in the hearts of anyone who knows anything about video games. 

He is not wrong! Nintendo is one of the earliest game producing companies in the history of video games and so, they took the cozy first spot. No one can take them off that. Spencer was clear about his intentions and he really wants to see these famous characters on his Microsoft's Xbox One. 

This partnership was also a good idea because Nintendo and Microsoft already have a strong bond since Minecraft is playable on Nintendo. Now, it is time to make the relationship even stronger!

Gamespot mentioned that this could very well be related to how the Wii U has a Mario Brother-themed DLC coming into their version of Minecraft. Recent news mentioned how it is doing very well so, perhaps this caused a bit of harmless envy in Microsoft.

News of this is completely confirmed and the chances of this not happening are slim to none. Therefore, one can expect a Super Mario integration on the Xbox One. It will certainly be a sight to remember. 

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