Eminem's Ex Kimberly Mathers Avoids Prison and Gets A Year-Long Probation

It is no surprise that every now and then one would see a famous celebrity, an ex-famous celebrity, or even a person related to a famous celebrity getting caught in some bizzare case which leads them to court. Well now, this has struck again with Eminem's ex Kimberly Mathers.

Kimberly, or Kim for short, is the ex wife of the infamous rap superstar Eminem. She got arrested recently for driving under the influence of Alcohol and her case was deemed a DUI case, according to Daily News Entertainment.

Last Tuesday, she appeared in front of the court for her hearing. She, being a mother of three, as well as the fact that she attempted suicide on October 2015, caused the court to let her off with a fine and a probation.

The fine is for $900 and the probation is a year-long probation where four times a month. She will receive random drug and alcohol testing. Detroit News also reported that she avoided a trial by pleading guilty.

Whoever her lawyers were, they did quite a good job because in this situation, pleading guilty is the best possible way to go. If one is caught under the influence of alcohol and then had a minor car accident, there is ample evidence and having a trial is literally stepping into the belly of the beast. Pleading guilty shows a sense of responsibility which can greatly influence the judge's decision. 

According to sources, Kimberly Mathers was under the influence of a "fift" of some sort of Malibu Rum as well as pills which were prescribed. She was most likely overdosed as she crashed her Cadillac Escalade onto a pole voluntarilty. This was then reported to the police.

Kimberly Mathers told the judge that she was deeply sorry of her actions and even admitted she did not take the safety of others into consideration. 

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