When the invention is there, then the modification is also necessary. This week, new reports regarding the Apple devices have come to surface through Apple Loop. 

The loop explores some problems with previous iPhone models, the discovery of new iPad and the leaks of magical power of iPhone 8. 

 According to the Forbes, some major problems with the previous iPhone models have captured the attention of the Cupertino- based tech giant. Sources say that Apple admits 'touch disease' problem of the popular iPhone 6 Plus.

 It is believed that the separation of the screen controller chip from the key logic board has created the problem. The tech giant is ready to repair the problem with $149 for a single user.

Forbes sources also have revealed that Apple is ready to offer free replacement of the battery of the iPhone 6S handsets. Sources also added that last week China Consumer Association requested Apple to investigate the battery problem minutely. 

Meanwhile, Apple report disclosed that few iPhone 6S handsets "manufactured between September and October 2015" and belong within a particular range of serial numbers are facing this sudden shut down due to the battery problem. 

Apart from this, another major problem is discovered from the latest update of the iOS 10. It is now a clearly known fact that Apple has released updates to fix the problem related to the Apple Health.

 Now with the latest release of the iOS update (v10.11), two new problems are haunting the iPhone handsets. 

The first one is, with thirty percent of the battery power handsets are not working properly, and the second one is the microphone, which is provided by Apple in its own earpods is not working while attending a call. 

Now, after discussing the problems it is time to have a glimpse at the magical power leaks of iPhone 8. New reports say iPhone 8 is going to receive some new features.

The major one is the upcoming iPhone can be charged from a plugged-in transmitter covering the distance of maximum 15 feet. A built-in receiver in the handset will help to charge the battery.

 Another feature is the creation of the telephoto lens. These lenses can actually be used to enhance the capabilities of the optical zoom.

So far these two reports related to iPhone 8 are included in the Apple Loops of this week. 

According to the appleinsider, rumors indicate that iPhone 8 is going to have a camera with dual-lens that can provide the stabilization of optical images. 

Every week new tech reports are capturing the headlines of discussion. This week through Apple Loop reports related to the tech giant, Apple have captured the attention of people and now it is time to wait for the next week to see new developments  of technology.

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