Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Mega Man To Be Seen As New Entry [VIDEO]

After a long stretch of numerous rumors and speculations, Camcom finally pinched the stamp on its upcoming release of the next sequel of Marvel Vs. Capcom Series. Named as Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite the game has been recently confirmed to debut on the earlier phase of 2017.

But the more exciting part associated with this upcoming stunner was revealed just a while back. According to ars Technica, the official first look of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite came just after Street Fighter V world finals tournament which held at the weekend's PlayStation Experience expo.

The 1.30 minutes long official gameplay trailer has obviously revealed such insights of the game which can surely stimulate much of the fan following to the game. As per a report by Gamespot, Captain America and Morrigan are assured to be seen as intriguing parts of this fourth edition of the series.

While Mega Man's appearance marked his first in the series since Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Also, Iron Man and Ryu would be seen as avatars with the same screen-filling and full-jump moves they enjoyed in the super-charged Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

What should be more focused is that the game would only allow players to create teams of two, as opposed to the prior games' three-on-three fights In addition, the trailer also showcased a new attribute named "Infinity Stone" system, which temporarily granted Ryu alternate special moves as in, twists on his usuals, including a killer vertical fireball.

Captain Marvel has also been seen to be equipped with move-changing stone. Captain's Stone had a "Time" label, on the contrary, Ryu's had a "Power" label. So, all and all, it can be easily said that the upcoming fourth title of Marvel Vs. Capcom series is sure to block its place in the heart of gamers all around.


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