The last few weeks of 2016 are riddled with Google searches that show increasing interest in the Samsung Galaxy S8. The entire android community is waiting for the Galaxy S8 reveal. This would be Samsung's biggest reveal after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 was a failure, it proved as a stepping stone for Samsung. Now the entire smartphone community waits to see Samsung's next big flagship. Samsung has reviewed its technology time and again and this time promises to deliver and surpass expectations.

Recent Galaxy S8 leakes suggest that the phone would be even bigger and might come in two sizes, a small 5.7-inch and a bigger 6.2-inch. Reports reveal that Samsung is bringing back the curved display, reminiscent of the Galaxt S7 Edge.

The website also thinks that people hae no use for a dual edged screen, as people tend to grip their phones, and their palms touch the screen, making the phone trigger some actions by registering the palm touch. A Samsung flagship with dual edges should have great palm rejection technology present on it.

Samsung also is aiming to increase the screen to body ratio of the new flagship, aiming for a massive 90% screen to body ratio. Forbes reports that as for the phone itself, it could be thinner, with sensors embedded right inside the display glass assembly itself. Earlier it had used to embed sensors between the display assembly and the protective glass. This is being done to improve efficiency.

As for Google, it seems that Google Pixel XL bettered the iPhone 7 Plus and has come out unscathed from the battle, with lots of critical acclaim. According to most reviewers, the Pixel XL seems to be smoother and a tad bit faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Some iPhone 7 Plus rumors suggest that the phone is getting beaten by android flagships primarily due to its LCD screen, which Apple is willing to correct on the iPhone 8. According to some news, iPhone 8 would be having an OLED screen. Stay tuned for more news on Android and iPhone.