Matthew McConaughey is interested to play detective Rust once again for True Detective Season 3.

True Detective was truly a delight to watch when it premiered in 2014. Though the HBO crime drama television series could not repeat the successful run in Season 2, fans have always longed for Season 3 and it seems like they can be hopeful as positive hints have begun to arrive from the team.

Matthew McConaughey, who played detective Rustin "Rust" Cohle in Season 1 of True Detective, has expressed a keen desire for Season 3 to be commissioned, reports OK! Magazine UK. The Dazed and Confused actor recently said on The Rich Eisen Show that if Season 3 was written well and it came up again, he would not hesitate for a second. He clearly said that he is open to it and has also talked to the creator Nic Pizzolatto, who is taking a break from the series.

Notably, True Detective Season 3 has still not been announced by HBO and it is said that it is because of the lukewarm Season 2 that the next season is in doubts. However, there is still hope that a third season can happen. The network chief of HBO, Casy Bloys said at the TCA presentation that the series in not dead and he as well as Nic are open to a third season.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bloys said that the production of True Detective Season 3 is yet to begin and the writers of the show are not thinking about the new season. They are thinking about ideas and when they find something that is when he will hear from them.

He made it clear that he does not have anything to report on either of them other than that they are thinking about what the best-next version is. However, Bloys is hopeful that he can gather everyone for next year and provide good news to the fans of the show.

Well, both Bloys and McConaughey have said that they are open to the idea of True Detective Season 3 and therefore, it does seem like it will happen in coming times. Though it is not yet clear when, speculators say that it could be around late 2107 or early 2018.