‘Fifty Shades Darker’ News: Secrets About Sizzling Hot Scenes Between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Revealed Ahead Of Release

Before the movie, Fifty Shades Darker releases, sizzling details about the sex scenes between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson has been revealed.

When Fifty Shades of Grey hit the screens in 2015, no one knew the secret behind the sex scenes. Not anymore. As the sequel Fifty Shades Darker gets ready to arrive in theaters, the inside details about those sex scenes have come out in the open.

It has been revealed that the filmmakers made use of modesty covers to shoot the intimate scenes, reports OK! Magazine UK. Both Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson who essays Anastasia Steels had covers on their body. While Jamie had a cover over his private parts, Dakota had a kind of patch going over her pubic area and her whole body and details like hair were added in post-production.

Notably, the second trailer of Fifty Shades Darker has created a huge buzz with its steamy shower scene between the lead pair. The first trailer also received a record number of views and the audiences are looking forward to watching the sizzling chemistry between Dornan and Johnson.

Coming back to the sex scenes, cinematographer Seamus McGarvey said that for the sex scenes between Dornan and Johnson, they would always shoot with two cameras so they would not have to do numerous takes, claims New York Times. Also, Dakota Johnson had a butt double for the scenes.

Speaking of Dornan, the actor revealed that he felt insecure with his clothes off. He said that he has insecurities and he always had them. To him, it did not matter how many times he had been filmed with his top off and photographers appreciated him. The insecurities were ingrained in his mind and the flattering stuff did not help.

The 34-year-old actor also admitted that humor is really essential when one is dealing with the kind of subject matter that they were dealing with. It is crucial when one is put in those sort of positions where it is often an uncomfortable environment, especially for Johnson. He revealed that there were times when she was literally in extremely vulnerable positions and naked. In such situations, one needed humor to get through those days.

Fifty Shades Darker is all set to release on Feb. 10, 2017 and it will see Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reprising their old roles.

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