Apple Inc. is slated to refresh its Apple Watch line-up by adding up Apple Watch 3 on the list. The upcoming device from the Cupertino-based company is predicted to boast a Micro-LED display.

According to TechRadar, it is not that easy to anticipate when Apple Inc. will release the Apple Watch 3. This was because looking at the company's release of its previous Apple Watched, there has been a 12-month gap between the first two there was a 17-month one.

With this, it is safe to conclude that there will be at least a year between the Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Watch 3. This may mean that Apple's patrons will not likely to see the Apple Watch 3 before September 2017 the earliest.

If Apple Watch 3 will arrive in September it will perhaps launch along with the iPhone 8. But then, the problem is that the original Apple Watch was launched in April, so perhaps there might be an April 2018 release, or maybe the Cupertino-based company will choose another date totally.

When it comes with the specs, iTech Post reported that the Apple Watch 3 might feature1.65-inchh square display that is protected with either a platinum or liquid metal case. It is also expected to have slimmer design. Apple Watch 3 might also sport a Tapic Engine motor that has the ability to convert energy into motion and produce vibrations to send alerts or notices to the user.

For its display, it will have a sharper screen. Also, it is said to include camera enhancements as well as the FaceTime calls may now be probable. The Apple Watch 3 is reported to run on Watch OS 4 or 5.

This will bring numerous upgrades and options concerning its Health and Fitness features. One thing noteworthy of this specification is that it will have advanced heart rate sensor. This device might also have waterproof feature have and an improved battery life.

As for the Apple Watch 3's price, tech analysts foresee that its retail prices will not be the same as the Apple Watch 2; instead, it would be $20-$30 more expensive. Moreover, concrete details about the launch are expected to be available soon.