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Who is the highest grosser of 'em all?

This year, it is an actress who may not have been the most talented, but sure knew how to pick the most money-making hit movies - or was just plain luckiest.

Scarlett Johansson is on top of the list for the year. She has been honoured by Forbes. Having earned US$ 1.2 billion in global ticket sales, she leads the A-listers.

What landed her there was the role in the movie with the ensemble title Captain America, grossing $1.15 billion, which managed to catapult her to the top. She was a Black Widow in it, and was also featured in Coen brothers' Hail, Caesar! which earned US$63 million globally.

The list of the big earners for 2016 are:

1. Scarlett Johansson US$1.2 billion

2 Chris Evans and

3. Robert Downey tying at US$1.15 billion

4. Margot Robbie US$1.1 billion

5. Amy Adams US$1.04 billion

6. Ben Affleck US$1.02 billion

7. Henry Cavill US$870 million

8. Ryan Reynolds US$820 million

9. Felicity Jones US$805 million

10. Will Smith US$775 million

As animated films were not mentioned, Dwayne Johnson was left out of the list. He is part of the new animated film Moana.

Johansson's voice roles in Sing and The Jungle Book were also not counted. If you tot up those numbers, she may well beat her own record!

The next potential blockbuster for Johansson might be the movie Ghost in the Shell. That interesting film was adapted from a Japanese film franchise. The upcoming film's director is Rupert Sanders, who explained that Johansson is the best actress of her generation.

ETOnline reports. "I think whenever you cast someone, someone's going to be critical of it. To me, I stand by my decision." Sanders added firmly that Johansson is "the best actress of her generation," and personally, he was "flattered and honored" to feature her in his films. Scarlett Johansson will take part in the upcoming movie Rock That Body, which is a comedy.

What makes Scarlett Johansson's roles stand out is that while many of her movies have not been great, she has managed to pick the biggest crowd-pullers.

However, she says that it is "disappointing" to enjoy that honour. Find out why through the video below.

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