The public eye is on the romantic heat being generated by Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, even though the couple has been trying to avoid publicity.

Recently, the pair was spotted enthusiastically bidding adieu to the old year and greeting the new one at Miami. They shared a romantic dinner and happened to be at a holiday love voyage at Soho House, Miami, according to lifeandstyle.

Foxx was holding Katie's daughter Suri, by Tom Cruise, her ex-husband. They both walked by a pool after midnight, said an observer. "They're very serious," he explained.

This romantic relationship has a history that goes back to 2013, even though they were reported to be on the verge of breaking up last year.

"Jamie wants to continue to act like the carefree guy he is in public. Eventually, the question had to come about whether he was committed enough to the relationship," said one of the insiders.

Rumors whisper about their being "secretly married," especially as both were seen wearing jewellery on their left ring fingers. Still, a number of sources explain that they are on dates.

"Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while," said one insider. "They're very Mission: Impossible about their romance."

Recently, there was an attack on Foxx, in which even Holmes was said to be involved, according to usweekly. But Jamie Foxx denied that rumor in Instagram, clarifying a video showing the assault in a Los Angeles restaurant. Allegations that his group was "too loud" were denied by him. "We don't want no violence. We don't want to get hurt," added Jamie.

There are speculations that Katie Holmes might break up with Jamie Foxx in the same way that she split with Tom Cruise. This has been denied by other sources, who explain that Katie split from Tom "because she feared she would end up like Nicole Kidman - with a daughter who Scientology turned against her."

Scientology had made Katie Holmes split with Tom Cruise. She decided to call it quits as she was afraid that Suri would follow his example. "Katie just didn't want that to happen so she left," said a source.