Jaden Smith Update: Rapper Posts Depressed Instagram Rant After Failing Driver's Test [VIDEO]

Jaden Smith stated in an emotional Instagram video that he was quitting Los Angeles.

Smith took to Instagram Live after failing his driver's license test, clearly unhappy with himself and the life he was leading.

 "It's gonna be so funny to tell my dad I failed straight up," Smith said grimly, referring to Will Smith. The 18-year-old then went off on a tangent about wanting to leave the LA lifestyle and pursue other dreams.

"Everybody follow your heart OK - you know what I'm saying? Do exactly what you want to do, be the you that you want to be. I'm about to move out of LA. There's a lot of bad things here. Create the life that you want for yourself," he urged his followers.

"Don't try to be somebody else. It's hard these days to really create the life you want for yourself because there's nobody really here that's like supporting the youth or the youth's creativity and the things that we want to do and how they want to live," he continued. "There's no supporting us in this way."

After a pause, Jaden went on a rant about the triviality of Instagram, and how people should be "Instagram Live-ing" about more important things, like curing cancer.

"Why aren't we Instagram Live-ing about saving people's lives?" he asked. "We Instagram to escape."

Jaden did admit that he plans on coming out with some deeper things by the end of 2017.

"'At the end of 2017, I'm gonna do some dope, some really, really dope, inspirational stuff that's beyond just music and clothes," he promised.

This isn't Jaden's first grappling with social media and the media at large. Last year, there was a Facebook post that went viral suggesting that the 18-year-old rapper had committed suicide, which was quickly debunked.

Jaden has become well known in recent years for his unique style and behavior. His cryptic tweets have made him one of the most followed Twitter users, and his gender neutral campaign for womenswear has made headlines.

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