'Justice League 2': Ben Affleck Responds To Questions On 'Justice League' Sequel Still And Latest 'Batman' Rumors

Ben Affleck said that he is going to direct the next Batman and that he's working on it.Then he added that he is very frustrated because Live by Night took him a year-and-a-half to write it and get it ready.

Also, he worked extremely hard and he is angry because nobody cares about that. Nobody wasn't really interested where's Live by Night but everybody was keep asking about BatmanHe shared with fans that he is working on The Batman but he needs to everybody gives him a break. 

A still unconfirmed report from December indicated that the planned Justice League 2 was being pushed back so Affleck and DC Films can focus on the so far unscheduled The Batman. Justice League 2 was originally planned to be filmed alongside with this fall's Justice League.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's confirmed that Zack Snyder will take a break between production on Justice League and its follow-up Justice League 2. So, Warner Bros manage to get The Batman solo movie out the door. Snyder's next film will be The Last Photograph and it's about an Afghanistan war reporter who teams with a special ops soldier.

While talking about Justice League, Ben Affleck explained that Bruce Wayne (inspired by Superman's selfless act) becomes fueled by his restored faith in humanity so enlists the help of Diana Prince (his newfound ally) in order to face an even greater enemy.

So, Batman and Wonder Woman will work together to quickly find and recruit a team of metahumans to fight against the newly awakened threat. Those two will manage to form the unprecedented league of heroes along with Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. However, it's possible that it's already too late to save the planet from an attack of catastrophic proportions.

When they already been talking about Justice League, Jimmy Kimmel also used the opportunity to give a hot take on the recently released group photo from Justice League. Kimmel commented that he is by far the most muscular of character in [the Justice League] and asked him was that in the contract? Ben Affleck responded that he made that look pretty good and that he thinks that he did a great job. 

Justice League 2 is scheduled to hit the big screens on November 17. On the other hand, no release date has been mentioned for The Batman.

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