Apple's dominance in the smartphone market has been mainly due to its ability to be the first to introduce some innovative features into its devices. However, the company has recently been playing catch up with its Android-based competitors. New reports have revealed that Apple apparently wants to increase its IP certification for its upcoming new iPhone, the Apple iPhone 8. But with other company's already offering IP68 rated products, Apple may be coming in late with its innovations once again.

According to a report from The Korea Herald, Apple's move for a higher IP certification will still likely be a big deal for most iPhone users. The report reveals that despite only being one notch higher than the IP67 rating on the iPhone 7, the new iPhone 8 will now likely be able to resist much more than just splashes and short stints underwater.

The IP68 will still be a big improvement, as per Techaeris, but it will not mean that the device can be taking out for a swim as most users probably expect. The higher rating, however will translate to a much more robust and durable device overall. This will perhaps prevent any minor or major damage from water exposure or from dropping the phone in certain heights.

The iPhone 7's IP67 certification was even proven to exceed its waterproofing rating through several tests done by its consumers, which means that Apple's engineering prowess will likely translate to an even better durability with the upcoming new iPhone 8.

Along with the higher ratings, the new iPhone is also expected to be coming with other features that will truly make it a product worthy of being called the company's 10th anniversary offering. Some of the rumored features include a bezel-less display, an embedded fingerprint sensor, a ceramic back, and an entirely brand new design. There is certainly a lot of expectation for the new iPhone 8, and Apple really needs to step up their game if they wish to continue their dominance in the smartphone market.