Leah Remini Scientology: Conan O'Brien Received Statement From Church About Her Appearance [VIDEO]

Conan O'Brien received a letter from the Church of Scientology regarding Leah Remini's appearance on his talk show.

After Scientology heard about Remini appearing as a guest on Conan Wednesday night, the organization sent a letter to the show. O'Brien revealed this to Remini and the audience during her appearance Wednesday, stating that he had never received such a letter in 24 years of doing the show.

"We were contacted by the Church of Scientology today," O'Brien revealed. "They sent us a statement, they're obviously not happy that you're on the show and they said in their statement that Leah Remini is doing this because she wants the fame, she wants the money, she wants the attention."

Remini did not seem shocked by the news, admitting that this has happened with every talk show appearance she has made since coming out so strongly against Scientology. She explained how the group sends letters and creates "hate websites" to try and discredit the person speaking out against them.

Remini also delved into the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. The actress spoke on how she was at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes back in 2006, where she inquired as to where Shelly was. She explained how she was met with virtually no response.

"I had gone to the church and I asked the spokesperson at the time, Tom Davis, 'Where is Shelly? I think it's weird that she's not here.' And he said you don't have the effin' rank to ask about the leader's wife," Remini recalled. "And I felt that I did have the effin' rank to ask where a human being was."

The actress then went on to file a missing persons report with the LAPD which was classified as "unfounded," and while the Church of Scientology does not comment on where Shelly might be, they have suggested she is okay and even working for the organization.

Remini is the star of the A&E reality series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which features the actress interviewing others who escaped the organization and chronicling its shadier actions.

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