With the arrival of Nokia Android phones in the smartphone scene, it looks like Apple will have to work extra hard to rise above the competition. It's only been months since the iPhone 7 was released to the public, but talks about iPhone 8 have already been circulating.

Apple has been known to be quite secretive and coy when it comes to details of their upcoming units. With that in mind, individuals make use of their creative juices and come up with impressive concept for Apple's upcoming units like iPhone 8.

One amazing iPhone 8 concept imagines Apple's upcoming gadget with a touch screen serving as the home button. For many years, numerous iPhone users have complained about the home button, mainly because it was very prone to overuse and abuse.

Unlike Samsung and other competitive phones in the market that has a "back" button aside from the home button, iPhones only have one button for that serves as the home and "back" or "exit" button. According to The Verge, Thadeu Brandao reimagined the iPhone 8 with a touch screen for a home button.

In the iPhone 8 concept video, the Apple smartphone looks roughly like iPhone 7 with its shape, thinness and color. However, there's one stark difference once you look closely at the visualized iPhone 8 - it has a bezel screen. Thadeu Brandao also moved the earpiece and placed it close to the top area of the iPhone 8.

Further into the iPhone 8 concept video, several imaginative UIs were made to give a similar look to the MacBook Touch Bar. For some, the new concept for the iPhone 8 is a breath of fresh air for Apple's overused home button. Right now, the Apple home button is loaded with a lot of tasks and commands with different gestures and taps.

Meanwhile, Forbes reports that although iPhone 8 will be considered as the company's 10th year anniversary offering, it's features and specs are not as grand as many have expected.The biggest change will reportedly be that of a curved screen that uses OLED technology, which is notably the first time for Apple units.