Beyonce spilt the beans about her pregnancy with twins in Instagram. Yet there was one person she missed out telling - her father, Matthew Knowles. He was reportedly "shocked" to hear about the news of his daughter carrying twins.

So it was close friends and associates who told him about it, not his daughter. She put up a photo of her pregnancy bump on her social media accounts. Hearing about it from an acquaintance was surprising to him, he told The Insider.

Right now he is a Professor at Texas Southern University. Rumors indicate that the father and daughter were estranged for a number of years after it became public that Matthew cheated on his wife Tina Knowles 2010. He had a child named Nixon Knowles with his girlfriend, Alexandra Wright, in that year. It has been quite a while since the scandal shook the social world. Yet, Beyonce has not let him off from her anger, according to whispers.

Matthew said to the media that he was "shocked." He revealed that he had first got a text, but it surprised him that someone was congratulating him. Then a second text from Texas Southern student was also congratulatory. Matthew explained: "I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He was like, 'Go to the web.'"

Matthew called his daughter to convey his happiness and then had a long father-daughter conversation. Of course, he would not be revealing any of that to the public, he was quick to add.

He felt that his daughter had been smart in quickly dropping the news bomb to shake the world, just like the manner in which she announced "Lemonade," her album. But he observed that he was feeling a lot of the love from all her fans - and sending some of his own to her, according to ET. He was thrilled to be a grandfather of three, and was sure that five-year-old Blue Ivy was going to be a "great elder sister."

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