A lot were surprised when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield locked lips at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. As many were puzzled why they did it, "The Amazing Spiderman" actor now revealed the real reason behind the unforgettable kiss.

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards will be remembered for a lot of reasons and this includes the smooch shared y Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. In fact, it event went viral and had gone through print, TV and online media.

The kiss began when Ryan Gosling headed to the stage to accept his Best Actor award for A Musical or Comedy, which Ryan Reynolds was also a nominee. After the "La La Land" star accepted his recognition, the "Deadpool" actor and Andrew Garfield were seen kissing that surprised everyone who saw.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynold's wife, can't help but smile and laugh and only gave a round of applause for the two actors. According to NME, Andrew Garfield said on The Graham Norton Show that they actually planned to canoodle.

"I said to Ryan Reynolds 'If you win, kiss me instead of your wife.' He said, 'Yeah, that's great," Andrew Garfield explained. The original plan was the "Green Lantern" actor would move towards Blake Lively and lean on to him to the last minute and kiss.

However, the award went to Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield didn't want Ryan Reynolds to feel dismayed. "... I said to Ryan, 'We can still just do it if we want'. And he was game," the "Hacksaw Ridge" actor explained.

Hence, the kiss happened. Later, as reported by Teen Vogue, Andrew Garfield confessed to Stephen Colbert at "The Late Show" that he did kiss Ryan Reynolds to make him feel better for losing the Best Actor award over Ryan Gosling.

Andrew Garfield said that he wanted Ryan Reynolds to know that he loves him even if he wins or loses. "It doesn't matter. It's how you play the game and you showed up. He gave his all. It doesn't change anything in my heart," he disclosed.