The electric skateboard market is full of nuances and new upcoming boards purportedly should have unique features to attract new riders. Apparently, enthusiasts want something faster and something that can provide an extended range.

Evolve Skateboard's GT board, according to Evolve Skateboards is attempting to be that kind of board, but apparently, the company is not quite there yet. Reportedly, its 50-kilometer range is unrivaled, and the board can easily turn corners and can accelerate readily in open stretches. The GT Carbon Fiber deck accordingly allows fantastic control and stability with its precise low profile look and feel.

The twin brushless motors of the GT board apparently provide 3000w of ground power through Evolves all new GT Series 83mm hybrid wheel that provides grip, softness, and durability. The skateboard seemingly also offer more riding modes that allow all levels of rider to enjoy the product safely. The riding modes work by restricting the amount of speed and power delivered to the rear wheels, making it more user-friendly, especially for new riders.

According to TechCrunch in its post, the GT has a thin board deck. It is said to be impressive, considering that the battery and electronics are sandwiched inside. The GT allegedly is 3-4 miles per hour faster than its competitors, but good braking still seems to be a mystery to many electric skateboard designers.

The first few seconds of braking reportedly yield little response before coming to a hard stop. Since electric skateboards are treacherous, there is a need for a stopping power to avoid an accident.

Accordingly, the range is something the GT can boast. It is also said that Evolve claimed the board will go 30 miles on a full charge. Supposedly, the main advantages that Evolve's GT have are its range and speed, but it is seemingly not enough to justify the marked price.