GoPro Inc. is still slated to release the next iteration of Hero family which is GoPro Hero 6 despite that it has significant losses due to GoPro Karma's recollection. The said device was confirmed by the company's CEO Nick Woodman and it may be featuring VR technology and spherical video ability.

According to ValueWalk, GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman has confirmed that the company will be launching the GoPro Hero 6 this year. Woodman stated that the company is slated to launch new cameras and other accessories this year particularly the GoPro Hero 6. Nevertheless, he doesn't spill any information regarding the exact release date and other necessary details about the GoPro's forthcoming devices.

Moreover, PC Advisor has learned that in a separate interview Woodman said that the tech giant was concentrating on VR technology and 360-degree video. In detail, the CEO stated that the GoPro owners are using their cameras like GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 5 in creating 360-degree videos. But then with the use of a single wide-angle lens, the users need more than one to do it so it's not easy to produce.

Now, he has this visualization for the GoPro Hero 6 to have a multi-lens camera which will aid the device in making a spherical video. But then as users move the smartphone around the locations will be traced, then a standard 2D video will be made for easy sharing on YouTube and Facebook. Also, Woodman called the GoPro Hero 6 as an ultimate GoPro since it can be utilized in creating VR content as well.

As for the price, there is still no information available but as the release of GoPro Hero 6 nears concrete information about the device is expected to arise. Also, GoPro's patrons will not just expect for the Hero 6 as Nick Woodman already confirmed that the company will also be launching other new cameras and accessories.