Nintendo NES Classic Edition Update: Nintendo Retro Console Bundle Priced At $185 Sold Out; Amazon, GameStop, Walmart Profit Margin Strengthen Again [VIDEO]

Nintendo's patrons are still keeping an eye for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition stocks which is now sold at $185 per bundle at Walmart. With this craze and demand for the retro console, other resellers like Amazon, and GameStop are increasing its profit margin.

According to GameSpot, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition's suggested retail price is $60. But now Walmart is offering a bundle which is tagged at $180 to $190 which includes a Nintendo NES Classic Edition, a second controller that includes third-party arcade stick option and a 32-inch television.

Given this price point, consumers could expect that the TV is not a high-end one, as a matter of fact, it a ProScan with 720p display resolution. This TV is frequently tagged at $120 and as of the moment, buyers can have one at $110 outside the Nintendo NES Classic Edition bundle. Despite the cheap TV offered in the bundle, the reviews at Walmart's website are astoundingly positive in general.

On the other hand, I4U has learned that the most inexpensive Nintendo NES Classic Edition is accessible for $122.99 plus $3.99 shipping. It was also noted that there are only around 15 NES deals that are tagged at below $130. Also, the supply of Nintendo NES Classic Edition is still very limited. It can be remembered that last week's the condition was very diverse as a lot of Nintendo NES Classic Edition seekers conveyed triumph in hunting the retro console.

With this scenario, the profit margin for resellers like Amazon, GameStop and Walmart have been reinforced again. The regular price Nintendo NES Classic Edition is $59.99 but the retailers could make about $60 on a resale of a retro console now. It was also worth mentioning that before the Holidays some consumers have shelled out over $200 for a Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

As of the moment, Nintendo has not yet flooded retailers with Nintendo NES Classic Edition stocks. But then, Nintendo's avid fans could expect a change in this situation in March which is just almost a couple weeks to go.

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