'Batman Begins' Shows How Franchise Went Dark Again, Honest Trailer Explains; Future Film in Jeopardy?

"Batman Begins" is considered as one of the more successful Batman titles ever made. Given that "The LEGO Batman Movie" is already up and running, carrying with undeniable financial triumph. As it started another reboot like those before and after it, some parties have taken the liberty on noticing what makes the said film good and bad at the same time.

Director Christopher Nolan has come to make a heap of films that carried his reputation, starting with the massive hit "Inception." Prior to it, "Batman Begins" became the next big thing for the director, being responsible for one of the most recognized reboots of the franchise. However, not everything from the film is considered perfect, as one trailer assessed the potential flaws the movie contains.

According to a recent clip by Screen Junkies, "Batman Begins" showed how the Christian Bale starred disregarded the civilian welfare simply by becoming a damaging factor in the community. Despite being a crime-fighting vigilante, the Batman depicted in the film shows massive amounts of property damage. While Batman may also mean well for the people he protects, he is also known for taking the law abruptly into his own hands along with the people helping him in his agenda.

The clip iterated as well how many lines in "Batman Begins" were rather repetitive even redundant, as Slash Film noted. This seemingly caused quite a disapproval to those who saw the flaw or simply just hearing out the script. One of the appraised factors is the balance of the origin story for the Dark Knight, from the death of his parents all the way to his training. The same positive comment goes to the seriousness and absence of puns-some of which were abruptly placed all over the Joel Schumacher renditions.

In other news, the upcoming standalone "The Batman" can be recalled on no longer being directed by Ben Affleck, however, recent rumors suggest that he may not be the star in it as well. According to Comic Book, various sources have pointed to the possibility of Affleck dropping the role, although no confirmation has surfaced just yet. That being said, only time will tell as to what could happen to the Batman franchise.

Overall, the review for "Batman Begins" speaks on the attributes some may have left unnoticed. What do you think of the film?

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